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Conquer 90 Training

Conquer 90 was designed for our eXp agent partners in mind who have a passion to learn, develop and succeed but the training is not limited to only eXp agents. This 90-day FREE training will accelerate you to learn everything you need in order to hit the ground running and get your first 3-5 deals within 90 days! The key to this is how well you implement what you learn and that’s where our real estate coaching comes in. Administered by experienced rock stars in the field, our coaching is customized individually to each agents’ goals, personalities, and schedules. You’ll not only get group coaching and a personal mentor and/or coach, you’ll have the accountability and support that every new agent needs through our facebook workplace groups. This is not a video “watch it yourself” series and good luck. You can find that on youtube. We expect you to show up, put in the work, and rely on us for that push and mindset elevation you need in order to succeed. The results we see are nothing short of excellent. If you are thinking eXp could be the right fit for you, don't wait to book a free strategy call to get the answers you need. Our program has helped 100's of agents launch their business in their first 90 days. 



On-Boarding & Housekeeping
  • Get organized & begin training 

  • Navigate your opportunity and familiarize

  • Accomplish on-boarding tasks

Vision, Goals & Schedules
  • Understanding your why & vision

  • Set goals and the how to’s of how you will get there

  • Define your daily schedule to set up for success

Systems & Navigation
  • Leverage and increase efficiency with systems

  • Discover all the resources at your fingertips

  • Set up accounts & learn how to utilize

Sphere of Influence & Networking
  • Tap into your #1 source of business

  • Develop & mold your contacts

  • Network & expand your circle

Lead Creation & Conversion
  • Learn about FREE and paid lead sources 

  • Create opportunities through social media

  • Convert leads at a high level

MLS & Comparable Market Analysis
  • Dive into the MLS & key elements

  • Practice tricks and techniques of determining a home's value

  • Understand high-level CRM lead followup

Mastering Working with Buyers
  • Dominate the buyer consult

  • Explain the home buying process with ease

  • Capture attention & earn your buyers trust

Prospecting Ninja: Scripts & Objections
  • Control your phone conversations with ease

  • Offer solutions & add value

  • Set appointments with ease

Open House Expert
  • How to conduct a successful open house

  • Landing clients through open houses

  • Strategies for followup

Understanding Forms & Contracts
  • Practice & understand your paperwork

  • Be ethical & avoid liability

  • Explain & close new clients with little resistance

Win Sellers & Listings
  • Step by step listing appointment success

  • Conquer the listing presentation

  • Gain trust and confidence in your seller

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